You Are Not Alone!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the vision to foster and embrace acceptance of all life experiences.

Our mission is to be a voice of individuals with a mental health experience, and fortify opportunities that positively impact and inspire communities and support systems.

MN Warm Line

If you need someone to talk with, are feeling isolated, depressed or anxious please call the MN Warm Line anytime from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. every night.

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.

911 is to be used only for emergencies (police, fire or medical) where an immediate response is required – when there is an emergency and lives are in danger, immediate action is required or there is a crime in progress.

Call the Crisis Line

If you are thinking of taking your life, need to talk to a mental health professional in your area, please call the National Suicide Prevention Line.

MN COVID-19 Hotlines - If You Have Questions

Community mitigation (schools, child care, business) questions from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Health questions like symptoms, where to go for testing, exposure from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (not providing mental health support)

Virtual Peer Support Network

Available from 10am – 4pm – 7 Days a Week

Join our Virtual Meetings! We have created inviting and engaging zoom meetings that promote mental wellness and community for people living with mental health challenges. Each meeting is hosted by a peer specialist with similar life experiences.


What is WRAP?

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) is a personalized wellness and recovery system born out of and rooted in the principle of self-determination. WRAP® is a wellness and recovery approach that helps people to:

  1. decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors
  2. increase personal empowerment
  3. improve quality of life, and
  4. achieve their own life goals and dreams.

Working with a WRAP® can help individuals to monitor uncomfortable and distressing feelings and behaviors and, through planned responses, reduce, modify, or eliminate those feelings. A WRAP® also includes plans for responses from others when an individual cannot make decisions, take care of him/herself, and/or keep him/herself safe.

The participant is the one who develops their WRAP. They may choose to have supporters, including health care professionals, help them create their WRAP but the individual remains in control of the process. Individuals learn to use WRAP® through a peer-led and peer-engaged group process. Formal WRAP® groups typically range in size from 10 to 15 participants and are led by two trained co-facilitators who use WRAP for their own recovery. All Wellness in the Woods WRAP facilitators are certified peer specialists and trained through the Copeland Center for Recovery. Information is delivered and skills are developed through lectures, discussions, and individual and group exercises. Key WRAP® concepts and values are illustrated through examples from the lives of the co-facilitators and participants.

WRAP® participants create a personalized recovery system of wellness tools and action plans to achieve a self-directed wellness vision despite life’s daily challenges. Graduates of the BLA WRAP will be offered weekly ongoing support for up to six months in a virtual venue.  A person’s WRAP® is a tool that can be used for a lifetime, and a voluntary WRAP® group can be a long-term peer support resource for ensuring that this valuable and personalized recovery system remains sharp and useful for building a healthy and successful life in the community.

WRAP in 30 days